Officers - 2019

2019 Officers
Club President - Steve Ridgeway- [email protected] dotcom
1st  Vice President (Programs) - Peter Grice - peter-gr[email protected] dot edu
2nd Vice President (Fieldtrips) - Holly Proctor- [email protected] dot com
Secretary - Roberta Wagle-[email protected] dot com

Treasurer - Jerry Nagel [email protected] dot net
Historian - Larry Wagle - [email protected] dot com
Webmaster/Librarian - Martha Rongey - [email protected] dot net
Newsletter Editor - open
Shop Foreman - Billy McBay - [email protected] dot com
Directors - Richard Jaeger - [email protected] dot com

                        George Hill
                        Sharon Richards 
Past President  -Donna Loffer-  [email protected] dot net
Committee Chairs - appointed by the President
Chatpile Editor - Wayne Mouser -  [email protected] dot net or 918-582-8700
Publicity - Martha Rongey - [email protected] dot net

Show Chair - Eric Hamshar - [email protected] dot com 
Hospitality - Kimberly Perry - [email protected] dot net
Donations to Club -Larry Wagle - 918-695-1527

Club Scholarship - Richard Jaeger - [email protected] dot com  & Dianne Kirk - [email protected] dot com
Education - open
Federation Representative - Liz Thomas - [email protected] dotnet
AFMS-RMFMS Uniform Rules -  Richard Jaeger
Social Hour - open
Uniform Rules- Leon Reeder - [email protected] dot com

By-Laws - Bob & Nancy Hick & Scott Robb - [email protected] dot com

Additional Chairs:
Pebble Pups - Julia Allande
Door Prize - Paulino Allande

For Information about Tulsa Rock and Mineral Society, please email:  [email protected]

All email reference are .net .edu or .com