Monthly field trips -Amy Puls [email protected]

Open to all  Rocky Mountain Federation  Club members

Club members went on a filed trip to collect specimens for the grab bags.

They were fortunate to find some trilobites.

Past Fieldtrips

August 18th.  We will meet at Ron Coleman Mine AT 8:00 AM.  Bring a hat, sunscreen, gloves, bucket and shovel or pick.  Bring plenty of water.  We plan to stay as long as we can tolerate the heat.  You can bring snacks or a lunch.  There is also a rock shop on site as well.  See you there!  
Ron Coleman Mining
211 Crystal Ridge Ln
Jessieville, AR 71949 
Phone: (800) 291-4484
Email: [email protected]
This is on Arkansas Senic Highway 7 Just north of Blue Springs, AR  The last intersection is Beaudry Circle, If you reach Blakely Camp Rd, you've gone too far.
Call James 918-625-5065 if you have any questions. 

JUNE Fieldtrip
The June field trip was a guided tour of downtown Tulsa. Claude Bolze, geologist and professor at Tulsa Community College, will guide us through the historical buildings of our Tulsa skyline.  Who knew downtown was a fantastic sampling of geological wonders!  From Jurassic aged white marble and Ordovician Chocolate Marble, to fossiliferous limestone, travertine, and Morton Gneiss,  take a trip through geological time with TRMS.   
We will pass several good restaurants along the tour that should make us very hungry.  Lunch after may indeed be in order so bring some $$!   The tour started in parking lot #6 (NW corner of 9th and Boston) of the Metro Campus of Tulsa Community College at 8:30 AM Saturday, June 30th.  
No collecting on the tour please, security guards get nervous when you approach their buildings with rock hammers! 

​​MAY Fieldtrip
Our field trip to the Ladonia Fossil park yielded many fun finds.  Fossilized clam shells (devils toe nails) and shark's teeth were the popular finds of the day.  We were able to explore the main Ladonia Fossil Park and a second site further south on the Sulphur River that was difficult to get into, but well worth the finds.  In attendance, Peter Grice, Holly and Adam Proctor, Amy, James and Jon Puls, and Hans and Rose Kircsh.  Thank you to all for braving the heat, bugs, overgrown paths and quick sand! EEEK!
Our next field trip...

We had a great trip in February to the Museum of Osteology.  We had a class on learning how to identify animal skulls and bones by looking at their specific features. As we hunt the rivers and streams of Oklahoma, we now have the tools to identify some of the many bones that we may encounter.  

For April we are not going to have a specific field trip as every weekend has a local or regional show.  Support other Rock and Mineral Societies by taking a trip to see some of our fellow clubs!  

Our fieldtrip to The Great Salt Plains  Saturday, April 15 was a success. The weather was cool and overcast, but not too cold.  The wind blew, but not too strong so that we couldn’t find some beautiful and unique crystals for our collections. Every rock is a memory and we made lots of them on this trip.  Thanks to all who attended.